Dress Shoe Lacing Guide

36" Two Tone Nylon laces are perfect for sneakers like Vans. Lace up with a traditional criss-cross or straight lace for a more symmetrical look
27" Waxed Cotton laces are our standard dress shoe lace for oxfords and wingtips

As for boot laces, it really depends on what you've got in the closet. 48 inch and 36 inch are good intermediate lengths:

Flat Waxed Cotton boot laces:
Two Tone Nylon boot laces:
22" for 2-3 eyelet chukkas like Alden's Unlined Suede Chukka
34" for something like a Red Wing Chukka
36" for 4-6 eyelet boots or even Common Projects and Superga sneakers
48" for something like a Red Wing 875
54" for 7-9 eyelet boots like an Alden Indy Boot or Wolverine 1000 Mile

54" for something like a Red Wing 877 or Iron Ranger



Our pennies should be used as a pop of additional color in all of your penny loafers. Insert the top part of the penny and finish by securing the bottom part behind the slot of your loafer strap. 
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Check out our guide on how to lace vans so your shoes look their best with more casual shoes as well! 

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